Junior Variable Message Boards

The Impact Hire fleet of Sykes Junior Variable Message Signs ("Junior VMS") are the ideal message board for traffic control and advertising signage when traffic speeds are below 80 kph. Like the Senior VMS, our fleet of Junior VMS all use the combined Flip-Disc and Light Emitting Diode (LED) display, ensuring your message is clearly visible all day and all night.

The wide viewing angle of the display is an industry leader, affording passing traffic the maximum opportunity to read the message. Our Junior VMS are primarily used to display traffic messages, but have also been successfully used to enhance the advertising message of car yards and furniture stures with street frontage. As can be seen from the photographs, the Junior VMS is capable of displaying both text and graphical images.

Critical features:
- Display dimensions 1.9m wide by 1.1m high
- Sign midpoint is 2.7m off the ground
- Small trailer footprint makes positioning easy
- Display can be both graphical and text of different sizes
- Multiple page display possible

Junior VMS with Radar

We have equipped some of our Junior VMS with radar units.
This enables the sign to display a message that includes the speed of approaching vehicles.  This is acknowledged as the most effective tool for reducing the speed of traffic passing roadside work sites.

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