Impact Hire
Helps You Create An Advertising Presence


If you have street frontage, using an Impact Hire Variable Message Sign (VMS) is an ideal way to complement your other advertising activities. Positioned to be viewed by passing motorists, VMS are an ideal way of reinforcing your key advertising sales message or promoting an upcoming event. For example, a car sales yard used two VMS to support the introduction of a new model. For the month prior to the new model's arrival the VMS counted down the days while advertising the new model and the availability of free test drives. This effort linked the local dealer to the concurrent national television advertising campaign. The VMS reinforced the location of the local dealership to all passing motorists. Another client used a single VMS to advertise a school carnival. For the week prior to the carnival, the VMS was positioned for passing traffic, advertising the time and location of the carnival outside the school. When the carnival was on, the VMS was repositioned to direct carnival attendees into the parking bay.


Using VMS for advertising:
- Provides a 24 hour message
- An instant source of information
- Can include automatic message changes
- Simple, direct and effective.


Impact Hire's junior VMS have a full matrix Flip-Disc/LED combined display. This ensures that your message is clearly visible all day and all night. Limited graphics can be displayed, such as corporate logos. The wide viewing angle of the display is the industry leader affording passing traffic the maximum opportunity to read the message. We offer 24-hour service and guarantee the highest quality equipment to you.



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